Hi, thanks for visiting us. We’re Dave and Lotte de la Peña aka everything’s a photo.

We love travelling and we love taking photos so we decided to leave our advertising jobs in London and go and see (and photograph) the world. So far this year we have spent 5 days straight on a train in Siberia, nearly frozen to death in a ger in Mongolia, eaten fertilised eggs in the Philippines, driven a battered campervan around New Zealand, climbed to 5,500m in Nepal, celebrated the world cup in South America and photographed our own wedding in Las Vegas. On this website we are going to be telling stories with our photographs about the places we visit and the people we meet. We’re always looking for interesting projects to get involved with so do contact us if you think we could help you.

Please note we use Exposure for some of our longer photo stories. For Exposure stories the link will open in a separate tab and just close the tab to return to everything’s a photo.

Thank you!

Current location : Back at home in England